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Pipe Couplings & Adapters

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When there is a significant difference in the outside diameter of pipes VIPSeal® adaptor couplings close the gap. The adaptor couplings are step moulded and fitted with two stainless steel tension bands, providing a sealing solution that’s quick and robust.

VAR Adaptor Couplings

VIPSeal® VAR adaptor couplings incorporate an extra wide tension band at one end to allow a secure connection from clay pipe to structured, twin wall or ribbed plastic pipe.

Adaptor coupling applications:

  • Connect pipes with a significantly different outside diameter
  • Connect lateral to unadopted sewers
  • Connect pipes to prefabricated structures: manholes, inspection chambers, septic tanks
  • Connect clay pipes to structured, twin wall, and ribbed plastic pipes

Installation Video

Installation Guide

From cutting the pipe to achieving a complete watertight seal, our step by step walkthrough shows you exactly how to install our adaptor couplings.

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Adaptor Couplings (VAC)

View all sizing options for VIPSeals® adaptor couplings in our information table.

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