Hertfordshire Timber & Building Supplies Ltd. has been trading for over 20 years in the industry and has accumulated over 100 years worth of experience through its resourceful and intuitive team that are on hand to help you with your project. 

Herts timber had its start as a small timber yard in Letchworth. Its aim was to provide the local community with knowledge and supplies to get any project any size moving. Working mainly with small builders and the locals, herts timber became a name that was known for its helpfulness and ability to meet the needs of its customers no matter how unique. Through this a strong connection was made and herts timber became the place to go for whatever timber construction needs you required. 

one of our Unique points is the mill service we provided form day one. capable of cutting, routing sawing any specific items on site ready for install. 

in 2015 Herts timber decided to open up a second branch and expand its business further into the building supplies area. The second yard at the end of Blackhorse road specialised in bricks, blocks, aggregates and other building goods as well as expanding on our range of garden goods and insulation. 

a few short years after that the two yards were brought together to where they now are making a one stop shop for everything that you needed. A new state of the art mill was installed and a loose aggregates department was set up to allow us to better serve the community.

From then we have gone form strength to strength, increasing the size of our yard to include a further warehouse to hold goods to meet demand and to increase our range of goods.  

Our fleet of vehicles are designed to meet any needs, from large loads into London to restricted access areas in rural communities.

Looking to the future we are looking at more greener forms of supporting our local community we are currently in the process of sourcing an electric flat loader for local deliveries and hope to have it in operation soon. 

Throughout our 20 years of trading we are proud to continue to support our local community in whatever ways we can. we support local sports groups and children sports activities, along with local projects and schools. most recently we worked with Hitchin BID to provide a mini beach in the town centre. 

throughout the Covid-19 situation we have also been donating safety supplies to our local GPs and surgeries to help them better protect the community. 

Herts Timber & Building Supplies Ltd.